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STRATA provides geotechnical services beyond the typical narrative report. Our end product will allow clients to have three dimensional terrain imagery, earthwork volume takeoffs, stormwater management solutions, and slope stability analysis. STRATA has also provided full or on-call assistance in the planning and permitting process under several types of jurisdictions.

Site civil & Geo/Environmental engineering

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Geotechnical site design and construction QA/QC services

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Permitting services

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Civil3D CAD design

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Lidar topographic maps

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Stormwater plans​


Geotechnical Design Reports

Geotechnical Design Reports

Strata recognizes the importance of providing these values to the design team at the early stage of work. Reports include discussions on reuse of recycled crushed concrete and/or asphalt generated from site demolition as a resource for structural pavement base and/or backfill.

Green Street Design and Stormwater Treatment

Green Street Design and Stormwater Treatment

Design consideration given to reduce excavation quantity through the placement of geosynthetic fabric and/or cement amendment as a means to improve suspect subgrades. We provide permit drawings and stormwater calculations for industrial yard facility utilizing hydrocad design software for iterative analysis and optimization of site options for stormwater detention, treatment, and infiltration to meet regulatory requirements.


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Geotechnical Expertise

With a team of accomplished licensed engineering geologists, professional engineers, and geologists, STRATA has conducted several subsurface soil explorations, assessed geologic hazard indicators, and developed design solutions site foundation solutions such as soil nailing, deep foundations, and earth shoring and retaining walls (gabions, MSE, sheet piling, soldier pile wall).  STRATA has applied its expertise in often challenging environments of steep terrain and landslide mass conditions. These include experiences with the City municipalities to achieve goals and requirements set forth by the jurisdiction for geotechnical site investigations, project design, construction QA/QC, and report submittals.


STRATA has experience in design of earth structures, MSE walls, soil nail walls, and various ground improvement and drainage improvements related to slope stability.  We are proficient in providing clear alternatives for geotechnical site design alternatives, along with stating their cost to benefit ratios and potential advantages and disadvantages to each alternative in the way of impacts to surrounding property, construction access, construction speed and safety, overall aesthetics, availability of local and experienced contractors, life cycle costs, and potential risks.


Our project management approach and methodology is built on effective communication and our previous experience. We understand that for geotechnical services to be effective, we will work with all involved parties to obtain a solid understanding of the project goals, issues, and requirements so a proper scope can be developed. From a geotechnical design preparation standpoint, STRATA approaches projects with the goal of involving the specialty contractor(s), allowing for a more streamlined delivery, oftentimes minimize change orders and contract issues.  Our staff is accustomed to performing under and catering design product to various types of bid, design-build, or CM/GC type contracts.


STRATA offers an experienced team of professionals and certified soils and materials technicians to support the full array of construction phase needs. These include technical reviews of submittals, site inspections, testing of soils and pavements along with a full service laboratory, special inspections and reports, erosion and stormwater control monitoring, change order request reviews, review of special permits, and final acceptance reports.  

Client References

Strata has received quality references from a variety of commercial, industrial, residential and public agency clients.

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